Vintage Hat Shopping

This weekend was a shopping weekend! We have lots of lovely antique stores in our area, and I’ve found that some of them carry vintage apparel. Bless Pennsylvania and its many, many antique stores- we were very lucky!

1940’s Halo Hat

First up is this 1940’s halo-style hat. I can’t stress enough how enormous this thing is and I love it! It’s in remarkable condition because it’s made of a kind of plastic woven material. I thought this would look fabulous with a spring or summer dress.

1940’s KMF Wool Hat

This is a really close-fitting wool hat. It didn’t look like much on the rack, but after trying it on I thought that it was really sharp. It has a very business-y vibe that I thought could work with a day dress.

1950’s Pillbox Hat

What could be better than a little black hat? The velvet ribbon needs a some love, but otherwise this hat is also in great condition! The detailing is very glamorous, but also low-key. I think this would look amazing with an all-black outfit; maybe something with a spider theme?

1940’s Maroon Wool Felt Hat

This hat is something my mom fell in love with right away. We jokingly started calling it the millionaire’s wife hat because it has so much of a presence. This is the hat that we’re going to base her outfit on for this year’s Mid-Atlantic Air Museum WWII Weekend!

1940’s French Hat

This is a very close-fitting velvet hat that is so beautiful. It has two little petals that form a heart shape over my face and I love it! It also has a feather at the top, which is rather hard to see. I’m planning to pair this one with a mustard yellow dress that I have planned!

1950’s Red Shell Hat

This hat is also made of a velvet material with little floral-y bauble details. I haven’t done much with 1950’s vintage yet so I’m excited to make something to pair with this! Red is a very bold color and I haven’t done anything as striking before.

1930’s Black Horsehair Hat

This one was such a fabulous find. I knew I wanted a black horsehair hat to go with my butterfly dress, but I never thought I’d find something so lovely! It’s in pretty good shape, considering the age. The structure is still there (if in need of a little care). I think I’m definitely going to replace the ribbon, but I’m going to try to get it as close to the shape it currently has as I can.

BONUS: 1960’s/1970’s Dress:

This dress was a totally unexpected find! I saw it in the back of a closet of one of the antique stores we went to and I fell in love with it. I wasn’t sure if it would fit me or not so it was a risky buy. However, when I got home it fit just fine. If only it were warmer than single digits right now!

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